Novelty Bitcoin Buttplug (bitplug)

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One of a kind made just for you “a Physical Bitcoin NFT collectable” you can actually use as a premium quality buttplug! Store value, directly in your buttplug! In Dragonskin pure platinum cure silicone (for anytime/all day use), but can just be stowed anywhere, for portable / stealth bitcoin!

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 It’s a physical buttplug-bearer-bond (BBB)!
Our Novelty Bitcoin Buttplugs are made from food safe non-toxic/non-voc solid Art Resin resin, like glass, but less cold.. (unless you want to chill it before use). We recommend using this for novelty purposes only.
NOTE: the DragonSkin versions are for everyday play, but these resin ones are more of Bitcoin “art” pieces. Please wrap in a condom if you want to insert inside yourself, or only use once. Ideally you store this a a Bitcoin relic / “Physical one of a kind custom to your requested colors NFT” that can be used to generate a Bitcoin public and private key securely once you receive the device and initialize it)
Each BitPlug has a cleverly embedded Opendime attached to an integrated magnetic USB Port, so the OpenDime is hermetically sealed from the outside world, and the only thing exposed to air is the waterproof magnetic USB Port.
The device can be washed/cleaned and is dishwasher safe! (check out our instagram for a silly video demo!)
Receive Bitcoin directly to an address that you create securely when you receive and initialize the device, to know that only the possessor of the buttplug knows the public and private key the OpenDime Randomly generates with your user provided data dragged to the USB drive (we like dragging 1-2 photos to it).
Load it up yourself, or have fans tip you and fuck your ass with their (which is now your) bitcoin! The possibilities are… well… not endless… it’s a buttplug, that can store Bitcoin securely, so go wild and use it as your new favorite toy, or just store it in a drawer and let it secure your bitcoin!

You can order them in clear, sparkly, or any custom colors, (even opaque colors) so that no-one even knows the buttplug stores an Opendime! Just specify in your order details, and we’ll get in touch beforehand to ensure you’re getting the pattern / design you want!


NOTE: in some of the photos we show the OpenDime’s original USB plug exposed.

  • By ordering this product note that you will be getting:
  • a better and more durable sealed buttplug with the embedded “female” magnetic usb port,
    • a plastic endcap shaped like a BTCCRDZ Pokerchip! Made from resin, to match the color of your novelty resin bitplug “sculpture”
  • (1) USB-A to “male” magnetic charging and data cable and
  • (1) “male” magnetic to “female” USB-C adaptor (compatible with any USB-C cable)




(or else we’ll just email and ask!)

(if you really want the exposed OpenDime PCB USB version please note that in the checkout comments, but we bet you’ll really prefer the dishwasher safe magnetic port version)


On the Android phone photo, you can see the Wallet App Samourai Wallet, which is truly verifying that the one in the photo (like the ones you will receive when ordering, but with magnetic port adaptor) is a “pristine” not yet initialized OpenDime.


Additional Note: Since each customized plug is handmade to your color / glitter (we use make-up grade mica powders within resins for glitter) choices, there will be a 72-hour delay between order and shipping, as the product needs time to fully harden after being specially made for you! (but if you keep in touch with us on Twitter / Instagram, we’ll keep you updated on how your art piece is doing / where it’s at in the mixing / curing process)!

Our payment method is our BTCPay Server at .
We recommend you pay the BTCPay Server invoice securely with a debit card/bank, through using the amazing application
(this method ensures we / Payment Processors don’t know your bitcoin addresses, or any of your payment details / what you were buying!)
All you need is a phone number / debit card to sign up / top up your strike app balance (which you can add fiat to for 0 fees), and then you can pay any bitcoin address / invoice anywhere, directly… like magic… with your Strike app fiat credits!

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